Perry’s Cider Mills & Museum

Perry’s Cider Mills & Museum

Only 3 miles from Swandown. Why not experience and sample Traditional Cider-making at Perry’s Cider Mills, Shop, Tea Room and Museum.

The Cider Mills:

Set in the picturesque Somerset Village of Dowlish Wake, the cider mills and visitor centre occupy the original family farm. Here cider apples have been grown and pressed for over 500 years. The 16th Century thatched barn is not only the centre piece of the farm, but is still used every Autumn to store and press the season’s apple harvest.

Rural Museum:

Housed in the 16th Century thatched barn, visitors are welcome to amble leisurely around a large collection of cider-making and farming equipment of yesteryear. The barn also houses a twin cider press where the cider is still pressed every Autumn. Visitors can view these presses all year round.

Cider Sales:

Perrys produce over 12 different ciders, which can all be sampled before buying

The Farm Shop:

The farm shop sells a wide range of local foods, drinks and gifts, as well as a range of award-winning cider.